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10m VA Cable

10m VA Cable for G-V2, G-V3, JV-2

  • 10mΩ resistance.
  • 10 metre length
Suitable for CT/PT testers models 590-GV2, 590-JV2, 590-GV3


eMOB I-200.1 DC

The new eMOB I-200.1 DC test adapter enables in combination with the PWS 3.3 genX Portable Working Standard a comprehensive on-site test of DC charging stations for electric vehicles.


eMOB I-32.3 AC

The new eMOB I-32.3 AC test adapter enables in combination with the PWS 2.3 genX portable working standard a comprehensive on-site test of AC charging stations for electric vehicles

CT | PT Testers

CT Tester: Model 590G-V3

Following feedback from our users, our Model 590G-V3 is the latest version of this successful and well proven CT error tester. The 590G-V3 has all the features and advantages of the previous models with additional testing features, better accuracy and smaller size and weight.

This full featured product combines all of the metering CT test abilities of the popular 590G-V2 model with the additional advantage of also being able to perform both protection CT excitation tests as well as burden based inductive PT tests.

The Model 689B meter tester uses a Digital Signal Processor and a display processor to measure and calculate meter errors to 0.03% or 0.1% accuracy.

Earth | Ground Systems Testing

200VA Current Injection Unit: Model 4061

Portable current injection system designed to simulate system fault currents and their effects on electrical and utility infrastructure

Earth | Ground Systems Testing

1800VA Current Injection Unit: Model 4062

The Model 4062 is a frequency adjustable switch mode current injection source that is in effect the bigger brother to the 200 VA injection unit above. It is used to drive variable voltage and current magnitudes into an earthed or passive load loop at maximum power continuously if required.

Earth | Ground Systems Testing

Coupling Transformer: Model 4063

The 4063 is an 1800 VA rated coupling transformer with eight individual tap settings covering an impedance range from 1 to 200 Ohms. Used in conjunction with the Model 4062 the tap selection must also be reflected in the tap menu settings of the Injection Unit which also drives the coupling transformer.

Phantom Loads | Installation Instruments

100VA Phantom Loads:Model 467B-30

This 3 phase phantom load is used for energising either CT or Direct connected Energy meters during commissioning or routine testing.

Phantom Loads | Installation Instruments

Poly-Phase Phantom Load: Model 472

3 Phase, 4 wire 240V / 415V 50Hz + Earth 3 phase 10A circuit breaker used to protect the unit. Neon indicators indicate which phase is live Output configuration is switchable from star to delta.

Phantom Loads | Installation Instruments

Three Phase 20Amp Load:Model 473

Simple and easy to use, this 3 phase load is used in pre or post commissioning of metering and / or measurement products. Easy way to determine correct installation and phasing of equipment.