Instrument Transformer Test Equipment

  • Live / Online Current Transformer Testers
  • Offline Current & Potential Transformer Testers
  • Offline Capacitor Voltage Transformer Testers
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Earth / Ground Systems Test Equipment

  • Off Frequency Current Injection Systems
  • Frequency Selective Multimeters
  • Continuity & Grid Bonding Tester
  • Lightning Impedance Tester
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Energy Meter Testers

  • Single Phase energy meter Tester (471)
  • Poly Phase Energy Meter Tester (689B)

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Phantom Loads / Installation instruments

  • Polyphase Current Source
  • Polyphase Current & Voltage Source
  • Phase Angle Meter
  • Watt and Phase Angle Meter
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Energy Meter Testers
EV Charging Testers

Measure and calibrate KWH meters and
EV chargers with high precision stationary
and portable test equipment.
Protect utilities and customers against
non-technical losses, loss of revenue or overbilling.

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Substation & Transformer Test Equipment

Winding Resistance Testers

Contact Resistance Testers

Circuit Breaker Analysers

Vacuum Bottle Testers

Potential Transformer Analysers

Multifunction Substation Test Device

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Why Choose Red Phase ?

Red Phase Instruments use quality parts and deliver superior workmanship at every stage of the design and assembly process

Our product development team work closely with the clients to ensure our products are reliable and meet the requirements of the application.

Exclusively designed to meet the demands of test professionals for increased mobility and efficiency, with practical features that you won’t find anywhere else.