eMOB I-32.3 AC

The new eMOB I-32.3 AC test adapter enables in combination with the PWS 2.3 genX portable working standard a comprehensive on-site test of AC charging stations for electric vehicles

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Technical information for eMOB I-32.3 AC



Power supply: 18 VDC available from the universal
CT inputs of PWS 2.3 genX
Power consumption: max. 10W
Housing: Hard Plastic
Dimensions: L 305 x W 135 x H 70 mm
Weight: approx. 4.5 kg
Operation temperature: -10 °C … +50 °C
Storage temperature: -20 °C … +60 °C
Relative humidity:  85% at Ta  21°C
 95% at Ta  25°C, 30 days / year spread
Connection: EN 62196 Type 2 („Mennekes plug“)