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CT Tester: Model 590G-V3

Following feedback from our users, our Model 590G-V3 is the latest version of this successful and well proven CT error tester. The 590G-V3 has all the features and advantages of the previous models with additional testing features, better accuracy and smaller size and weight.

This full featured product combines all of the metering CT test abilities of the popular 590G-V2 model with the additional advantage of also being able to perform both protection CT excitation tests as well as burden based inductive PT tests.

CT | PT Testers

CVT Tester: Model 590K

Ability to test for ratio errors at up to 500VA burden. Selectable Power Factor. Ratio error accuracy to 0.05%. Four selectable CVT test point standards to choose from. Tests CVT rated to 500kV with up to 3 secondary windings. Truly portable ~ 20kg.

In high revenue areas such as universities, shopping malls and business centres, taking CT's offline for testing is not an option, so a reliable live CT test alternative is required.

The model 595LV is designed to test the translational integrity of Low Voltage* metering CTs which are permanently commissioned and cannot be taken offline. The 595 LV also allows the user to actively measure a metering CT's admittance and secondary burden. When combined with the measured current error, the 595 LV satisfies the majority of the minimum testing requirements of a Live metering CT installation.

The model 595HV has been developed to work as an isolated high voltage primary current extension to the 595LV above. The 595HV wirelessly connects to the 595LV and the two synchronously measure and sample a HV CT's current and phase error accurately to within 0.1% of manufacturer's specification.

The reference Transformer comes in a rugged pelican case with with terminal posts for connection and selectable transformer tap switches which allow the operator to calibrate a 590 series CT tester over a wide range of ratio settings.