Suwi Series Combined Substation Test and Measurement Equipment

    SUWI series is designed using advanced engineering technology to perform various substation equipment tests. It can measure relay timing, Circuit-breaker contact resistance, Circuit breaker timing and transformer turns ratio. It has a current output of up to 110A AC/100A DC and a voltage output up to 150V AC/ 220V DC.

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    • Multifunctional test device
    • Relay Timing Tests
    • Turns Ratio Tests
    • Micro-ohmmeter
    • 3Φ Circuit Breaker Timing Tests
    • Built-in Battery (Optional)

    SUWI Series is designed using advanced engineering technology to test power and control equipment in the substations. SUWI is an all-in-one device that can test Relay Timing, Transformer’s Turns Ratio, Circuit Breaker Contact Resistance & Timing, Fuses, etc. SUWI is a combined substation testing device with advanced features; hence, named Substation Wizard which is SUWI. SUWI has easy, fast and accurate measurement features using its user-friendly software.
    SUWI can automatically test over-current, over-voltage, directional overcurrent relays and frequency control relays. SUWI has a current output of up to 110A AC/150A DC and a voltage output of up to 150V AC/ 220V DC. It has four universal input modules.
    By using ANSI/IEEE C57.12.90 measurement method, SUWI can produce precise results. SUWI is one of the most accurate devices with its wide range (0.8 to 33,000) ratio measurement capability and high precision (0.08 %). SUWI can also measure phase angle and polarity, apart from the ratio measurement. It has 1V, 4V, 10V, 40V and 100V AC test voltages generation capability. SUWI Series can measure the turns ratio of current, voltage and power transformers.
    SUWI can easily measure contact resistances of a circuit breaker, shunt, and disconnector by applying adjustable current up to 150A. It can calculate the real values of the resistors by providing penetration with the feature of the continuous current application. SUWI can measure resistance up to 5 Ω. It can measure the static resistance of the contact points of the circuit breaker. SUWI can measure idle circuit breakers as well as dual-grounded circuit breakers. The frequently used test models can be saved as templates and can perform the tests more rapidly and quickly.
    Contact Timing Tests are performed to determine the optimal performance of the breakers. Contact timing tests are performed to compare the breakers’ contact performance against the manufactures specifications. The breakers OPEN, CLOSE, OPEN-CLOSE, CLOSE-OPEN and OPEN-CLOSE-OPEN operations are timed in milliseconds (ms) and cycles and then compared with the manufacturers’ specifications to determine the performance of the circuit breaker. SUWI can perform a 3-phase circuit breaker timing test; open, close, open-close, close-open, open-close-open timings, coil current measurement as well as internal and external trigger operations.
    A 7-inch IPS 1024×600 pixel touch panel display allows SUWI Series to show all measurement results on a single screen. Users can record test results to the device’s 8GB internal memory or an external USB flash memory. With the HighTest Data Management Platform (DMP Software), users can analyse and manage measurement results using a PC. Multi-language capability and a user-friendly operation menu make it easy to control SUWI Series. SUWI Series is a light, compact and rugged device with the protection class IP67 (case closed).


    Measurement Parameters Relay Timing Tests (over current relays, over voltage relays, directional overcurrent relays, 

    frequency control relays);

    Turns Ratio Measurement, Phase Angle, Polarity, Ratio Error (%);

    Micro-ohmmeter/Low Resistance Tests (Circuit breaker contact resistance and shunt resistance)

    Circuit breaker timing test (3-phase circuit breaker timing tests; open, close, open-close, close-open, open-close-open timings, coil current measurement, internal and external trigger operations)

    Current Outputs Up To 110 A AC (magnitude and frequency adjustable) 

    Up to 150 A DC

    Voltage Outputs 150 V AC (magnitude and frequency adjustable)
    Universal Input Modules 4 input module; Binary wet/dry 

    Up to 300 V AC and DC voltage measurement

    Ratio Measurement Modes CT Mode 

    PT Mode (Single-Phase and Three-Phase)

    Test Voltages CT Mode: 1 V and 4 V ; 

    PT Mode: 1, 4, 10, 40 & 100 V

    Ratio Range 0.8 – 33,000
    Measurement Modes Static 

    Dual ground Resistance Measurement

    Auto Test Mode Yes
    Test Current Up to 150 A DC
    Measurement Range Up to 5 Ω
    Measurement Parameters Contact Timing (O, C, O-C, C-O & O-C-O); 

    Coil Current Measurement, Internal and External Trigger Operations

    Timing Windows 1s, 10s, 20s
    Timing Accuracy 0.05% rdg ± 0.1 ms
    Contact detection Yes
    Trigger input voltage 24 – 300 V DC or ACpeak
    Breaker Initiate Capacity 20 A, 300 V DC or ACpeak
    Initiate current reading range 0 – 20A DC, 5 kHz
    Battery Operated Optional
    Power Supply 100-240 V, 47/63 Hz,
    Internal Memory Yes
    Communication USB 2.0/1.1 Standard-A, USB 2.0/1.1 Standard-B
    PC Software DMP Software
    Display 7-inch IPS 1024×600 pixel touch panel display
    Dimensions (16.9 × 12.9 × 9.3)” (429 x 328 x 236) mm
    Weight 9.5 kg
    Working Temperature -10 °C to +60 °C
    Storage Temperature -30 °C to +70 °C
    Humidity 95% RH Non-condensing
    Protection Class IP67 (case closed)