The K2008 is a three-phase comparator of accuracy class 0.005 (50ppm) with direct voltage and current inputs. It has been designed for universal laboratory and test applications and is intended for checking and the calibration of reference standards for electrical power and energy. In addition, it can be integrated into meter or reference standard test systems of highest accuracy.

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Technical information for K2008



Auxiliary power supply: 88 VACmin … 264 VACmax / 47 … 63 Hz
125 VDCmin … 373 VDCmax
Power consumption: max. 40 VA
Housing: Hard Plastic
Dimensions: W 497 x D 222 x H 184 mm
Weight: approx. 11 kg
Operation temperature: -10 °C … +50 °C
Storage temperature: -20 °C … +60 °C
Relative humidity:  85% at Ta  21°C
 95% at Ta  25°C, 30 days / year spread